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Product Development and Customization

Insmagro services covers all activities involved in taking a product from basic vision to Perfect Leveraging, we assist our customers in converting their product vision into a tangible design, scalable architecture, and finally a successful product.

Insmagro is ideally positioned as a partner of choice in managing the three variables of product development – time, resources, and scope effectively to ensure a successful product release, allowing you to focus on reaching your business objectives this is due to tie-up with several companies, both large and small,. To ensure Predictable Quality of a Perfect Product, we have evolved processes, developed components, methodologies and frameworks.

We bring a specific methodology, proven processes and a solid track record for every area of development. As part of our product development services, we deliver full

  • Architecture Design and Development
  • Product Deployment Support
  • Product Re-Engineering

Architecture Design and Development

To meet and exceed the required feature specifications of the final product our engineers assist to architect the software system, at the same time they ensure to address the future requirements in sustaining the product. Interfaces between the software system and other software products, along with the underlying hardware or the host operating system are addressed by the architecture and design.

Product Deployment Support

Including training and support, rapid deployment services of products at end user site are provided by us. High-Level processes are followed by our project execution methodology. Our engineers are equipped and experienced to identify and solve the implementation needs of the end customer.

Integration and Customization

In recent years, a diverse landscape of powerful web-based software was created by the explosion of the enterprise web application industry. Insmagro provides services that assists implement, integrate, configure and customize a wide range of shopping carts, other third-party internet and ecommerce products, tools, applications and services.

We help in integrating your online shopping cart to an internet payment solution or your financial software to an online CRM service, which also helps to customize and integrates the UI and design suiting your specific business needs and to third party tools with assurance on the data security.

Systems maintenance

We provide on-time 24×7 support and value- added system maintenance and support services due to which the business enterprises who venture to integrate their business and IT strategies, can achieve their business goals and objectives. To ensure your network was hardened against intrusion we do conduct routine preventive maintenance by updating patch and service pack installations, apart from this we also check data is well protected by backup procedures and best possible protection is provided by the antivirus software.

Our range of services includes:

  • Security Maintenance Service
  • Backup & Integrity Service
  • Server Monitoring and Maintenance

Product Re-engineering

We provide re-engineering & migration services to software and hardware companies, which allows them to upgrade current products to a new platform, architecture, OS and/or language.

Our re-engineering & migration services include:

Application re-engineering – By using new platforms and technologies we re-architect the product. Technology migration – We concentrate on technology migration which enables the enterprises to migrate application meeting the corporate standards. If it is high-tech companies, we offer migration of products from older legacy technologies to newer open technologies for ensuring integration with other tools. OS migration – We also assist in migration of products to newer operating systems from older operating systems.

The skills

Application Development and Maintenance 90%
Web Design Development and Hosting 100%
SEO Services 85%
E-Commerce Services 92%
ERP Application Development 90%
Android and iPhone Apps Development 85%
Product Development and Customization 98%
Research and Development 88%
IBM Application Development 90%