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Research and Development

Insmagro Technology Laboratory, the technology research and development (R&D) organization within Insmagro Global Solutions Private Limited, has been turning technology innovation into business results. Our R&D team explores new and emerging information technologies to create a vision of how technology will shape the future and invent the next wave of cutting-edge business solutions. Insmagro is committed to delivering world-class products and services. This requires a clear focus on continuously striving to create a higher value to customers by achieving excellence in all Company’s operations.

Business excellence calls for a passionate focus on technology, products, services, processes and an operating environment firmly anchored to an impregnable foundation of Quality. Insmagro Global Solutions firmly believes that quality is not a specifically assignable task. It needs to be firmly rooted and institutionalized in the culture and value system of the Company. Insmagro Global Solutions nurtures a culture of striving for continuous improvement in quality, be it in products, services, systems or performance. The Company is committed to the establishment of systems and processes to promote organisational creativity and innovation.

Innovation Workshops & International Conference

New ideas are often sparked at Innovation Workshops where businesses and governments explore emerging technologies, brainstorm with our R&D team and gain first-hand experience with our technology prototypes.

The skills

Application Development and Maintenance 90%
Web Design Development and Hosting 100%
SEO Services 85%
E-Commerce Services 92%
ERP Application Development 90%
Android and iPhone Apps Development 85%
Product Development and Customization 98%
Research and Development 88%
IBM Application Development 90%