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Threats to your Security Create your Identity TODAY !!!
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Threats to your Security Create your Identity TODAY !!!

Social networking website has changed the model you interact with friends and associates. All our conversations become E-chat now. While social networking websites play a significant role in our lives, they are also a high risk for security threats. With hundreds of millions of users online, these tools not only attract friends and family who want to stay in touch, but they also attract strangers.

New thieves called Identity thieves born now-a-days. They gather personal information from social media sites. Even if you have your account on the highest security settings, there are still ways for an identity thief to get your information stolen.

Most social network sites have information that is required, such as email address or birthday. It’s common for an identity thief to hack an email account by using social information. For example, a common technique to get personal information is by clicking on “forgot password” and trying to recover the information through email. Once the thief has access to your email account, then they have access to all information on your social networking sites.

Often, we innocently post status updates that would give an identity thief information they need to steal our identity. For example, you may post “Happy birthday to my mother!” and then tag her in the post. Likely, your mother’s maiden name will be associated with that tag now. A popular security question is “What is your mother’s maiden name?” and if you share that online, you run the risks of identity thieves getting the answer to this commonly used question.

Most social networking sites reveals your current location also. To secure yourself from identity thieves, Insmagro Global Solutions provides you an excellent opportunity to create your own Identity with our Personal Website Schemes. Here you can reveal the information only which you wish. All our personal websites are hosted on a dedicated server which we will be provided exclusively for the concern person.

Insmagro Personal Websites will be alternate option for the identity hack.