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Insmagro Global Solutions Pvt Ltd aims to provide custom software development and support. To suit the needs of any business we ensure a customized software solution by combination of technology, expertise and innovative outlook. Our Software Development services comprise of Application Development and Maintenance, Web Design Development and Hosting, SEO Services, E-Commerce Services, ERP Application Development, Android and iPhone Apps Development, Product Development and Customization. We specialize to provide complete software solutions which meet your individual needs, which may be whether integrating an existing product or legacy system or developing a brand new custom solution, we ensure to fit the software to your business not the business to the software.

In addition to this we work on establishing long term relationships with its clients, focusing on a strategic IT partnership rather than a business transaction.

The result: Business gains competitive advantage.

Insmagro Services aims towards making your business more productive, efficient and works on budget. We are able to do so with

Decades of presence in the industry that equips us with products and system knowledge from past to present. Wide range of business systems which includes general business, Automotive, banking, finance, government, Healthcare, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Educational institutions etc., Products development makes us experts in system development. We develop lot of products and prototypes for our clients pertaining to different industry segments. By this experience we are able to develop the products from mud to pot. Our advantage lies in developing fully functional products by maintaining timeliness and on minimal cost. Alliances and confidence of major distributors enable us to obtain and extend attractive prices to our clients.


Insmagro Global Solutions depth and breadth makes it to be a kind of vendor for all complex enterprise, Line of Business Projects, Products development, Innovation and R&D Projects. Our Services includes:

  • Line of Business Applications: Applications and Workflows which involve different equipment, devices and systems work in tandem. We aim to deliver comparative productivity benefits by developing these fully integrated, low maintenance systems quickly.
  • Enterprise Applications: As no standard ERP like Parking, Sustainability and many other specialized industries, our developed systems act as agile, reliable and ensures fast in performance. To add, for their competitive advantage most of our clients make use of Intellectual Property.
  • Innovation and R&D Projects: 90% of our work comprises of Innovation and R&D Projects. We are able to start from the basic and develop complete functional products with our expertise experience in this industry. We do research on your concept and develop it in innovative way without any elaborate specifications from client side.
  • Plug Ins, APIs, Web Services, and Algorithms: To manage complex requirements for any project, from telecom to environment, we develop specialized plug ins, interfaces, Algorithms Web Services, as we are able to program devices.


  • Software Development: To Mobile, Android, iPhone, iPad we do Software Development, Upgrade, Extend Enterprise Applications and we also concentrates on Windows Mobile App Development, Integration and Plug ins.
  • Application Management: We maintain and Enhance third party applications, with or without documentation, bug fixing, upgrade to newer version. We ensure Client Server Applications, web based applications accessible on mobile and smart devices.
  • Product Support: We provide first and second level support and services on software or integrated products, provide Assistance in setting up new business. Concentrate on customer management (internal or external), onsite support and value added services.
  • Migration: We do bulk data migration with intelligent data cleansing. We mainly concentrate on migration of software applications and data from small to very large systems such as CRM, billing with or without specialist tools, adaptors or middleware. Data Conversion: Paper to digital images to digitized or intelligent documents.
  • Resources: We employ well qualified and experienced resources or sub-contractors for short term or regular placement. We provide attractive rates for seasoned job re-entrants such as newly arrived migrants for software development, software testing and project management.
  • Outsourcing – Outsourcing small to medium requirements. To enable you to get quality outcome for your projects without unnecessary blowouts due to translation issues, we provide project management services. We also assist in minimizing risk and maximizing value. Software, IT, integrated solutions development, testing, application and data migration are covered by us.

The skills

Application Development and Maintenance 90%
Web Design Development and Hosting 100%
SEO Services 85%
E-Commerce Services 92%
ERP Application Development 90%
Android and iPhone Apps Development 85%
Product Development and Customization 98%
Research and Development 88%
IBM Application Development 90%