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Why Insmagro Global Solutions Pvt Ltd


Why Insmagro?

We focus on enhancing profitability for our clients by removing the burden of managing IT infrastructure and effectively manage Heterogeneous IT Infrastructure. Insmagro Global Solutions Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed company offering IT Infrastructure Management solutions. We offer services like Server Management, Application Management, Desktop Management, Network Security Management and Remote Server Management etc.

Our employees are IT professionals who possess strong technology skills and business knowledge. We handle software projects of any scale and complexity by our mature methodologies and cost-efficient delivery model.

  • Extensive industry knowledge and proficiency
  • Dedicated expertise and experienced personnel.
  • Possession of superlative Technology tools required for superior project delivery
  • Delivering high quality software solutions at Competitive price structure on your budget.
  • Ability to Maintain Constant and Continuous Support services

Are you looking to launch new products efficiently and economically, or willing to increase market share and be more competitive, or if you want to enhance current software to improve business performance; unify disconnected systems, and improve interaction and collaboration between departments. We are here to help you with whatever your interest in custom software development.

With our upgrade of legacy systems and project recovery, We assure you to provide low risk, high-value custom software solution due to our fixed-cost pricing and flexible support agreements. Maintenance, enhancement and systems integration of your custom applications provided by us helps to ensure business continuity and changing future requirements.

By our trustworthy professional relationship, affordable rates, and speedy progress in project completion and strive for complete customer satisfaction enable us to build excellent customer support and beneficial partnership that assures constant profits to our clients in this ever changing business needs .

We are Business Consultants first then Technical Consultants. We tell our clients the facts about what they are trying to achieve with upfront honest. We ensure you have the best opportunity for success by drawing from our wide range of experience developing projects for industries such as technology, retail, education, legal and entertainment to name but a few.


Personal Service where we work with you, as a partner which ensures your project is realized with full potential. Continuous support even after development in testing and deployment phases, as well in providing training, support and ongoing enhancements services. We make our client feel ecstatic by providing better than ok service and products. Highly certified and accredited software developers experience and expert advice makes your SharePoint development work, is handled only by the best.

We are here to help you be successful and have a great track record of partnering with businesses irrespective of challenges like to attract and retain talent, you may have a specific project that you would like to outsource, you may need additional capacity to aid your in-house team or there is a drive to build better software through improving Quality Assurance.

The skills

Application Development and Maintenance 90%
Web Design Development and Hosting 100%
SEO Services 85%
E-Commerce Services 92%
ERP Application Development 90%
Android and iPhone Apps Development 85%
Product Development and Customization 98%
Research and Development 88%
IBM Application Development 90%